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If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have slightly bizarre little collections of things I notice while I'm out and about. The recurring theme in my personal work has been documenting the traces that people leave behind and I like thinking about the stories behind them - why do I keep finding puzzle pieces on pavements? Why do people decide to wipe dirt from their hands on to a wall, where it will stay for pretty much ever?

It started with empty noticeboards and signs. Then I started to notice that gutters seem to accumulate a particularly curious selection of lost items - not just litter, but things that intrigue or confuse, pleasingly framed within the lines.

I decided to start a small zine series on these collections, titled 'Amass' - to accumulate or collect. Issue one, 'Obsolete', features my collection of empty noticeboards/sings and issue two, 'Incongruous', features my collection of gutter finds.

Available to buy on Etsy.