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I have very particular cups I use at different times for different things, and I thought it would be nice to document them, as it's obviously something that matters to me. It's a small thing, but sometimes it's nice to think about small things, so here they are.

At the weekend I drink my coffee from a cup and saucer my Mum gave me for my birthday. It's lovely to drink from and has gold details so it feels a bit special. My test shot was taken on Fuji-100C Silk, which they stopped making a few years ago and I only have a little bit left, so that felt a bit special too. I really liked the test shot, but I was pleasantly surprised with the shot on roll film too. The film expired a long time ago but the colours came out beautifully.

In the week when I’m working from home I drink my coffee from the cup below. It’s from a set of four in different colours but this is my favourite. I find it interesting the role ‘things’ play in our lives so I enjoyed taking a moment away from my work to document a few in a slow and considered way.

The mug I use for tea at the weekend is another gift from my mum. It's lovely to hold in both hands and it makes me smile. The tea infuser was a gift from Tim - I like green tea and fruit tea, but I don't like English Breakfast (which is a shame, because I love the idea the tradition and the ritual of sharing a pot of tea).

Around Christmas my special festive holly mug comes out. This was also a gift from my mum and is lovely to drink from (it has a particularly nice handle).