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If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have slightly bizarre little collections of things I notice while I'm out and about. The recurring theme in my personal work has been documenting the traces that people leave behind and I like thinking about the stories behind them - why do I keep finding puzzle pieces on pavements? Why do people decide to wipe dirt from their hands on to a wall, where it will stay for pretty much ever?

I'm drawn to empty notice/advertising boards at the moment. My favourites are those that appear to have been abandoned for quite some time, but when I'm just walking past somewhere it's not always easy to tell if they've been given up or are just in-between notices. It doesn't really matter - at that point in time they are calling my attention to a void.

I decided to start a small zine series on these collections, titled 'Amass' - to accumulate or collect. Issue one, 'Obsolete', features my collection of empty notice/advertising boards.

Available to buy on Etsy.