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Travel Photography by Jayne Lloyd. Most images in this image bank can be licensed for use - please get in touch if you would like to discuss this. Prints can also be ordered directly online. Currently this is through a UK-based print lab but arrangements can be made for international printing, get in touch for details.
IMG_7229Playground with gymnastic bars and a slide under cherry blossom, Kyoto, Japan.Playground with gymnastic bars and a slide under cherry blossom, Kyoto, Japan.Kamo River, Kyoto, JapanToyokuni Shrine, Higashiyama-ku, KyotoPond in the garden at Toyokuni Shrine, Higashiyama-ku, KyotoLooking up at cherry blossom, sakura, with blue sky behind, in Kyoto, Japan.JayneLloyd_DocumentaryTravelPhotography_Japan_8790Toyokuni Shrine, Higashiyama-ku, KyotoToyokuni Shrine, Higashiyama-ku, KyotoFallen cherry blossom (sakura) petals floating on a pool of water.JayneLloyd_DocumentaryTravelPhotography_Japan_8804JayneLloyd_DocumentaryTravelPhotography_Japan_8805JayneLloyd_DocumentaryTravelPhotography_Japan_8806Street scene with staircase and cherry blossom in Kyoto, JapanStreet scene with Kiyomizu-dera in the background, Kyoto, Japan.JayneLloyd_DocumentaryTravelPhotography_Japan_8817JayneLloyd_DocumentaryTravelPhotography_Japan_8821Lake with fallen cherry blosoom, Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto, Japan.JayneLloyd_DocumentaryTravelPhotography_Japan_8824