Online Exhibition - Fleeting Moments: Temporality and the Still Life, Analog Forever

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I'm really pleased that 'My favourite weekday coffee cup', the photograph of the cup I smashed on my way down the stairs that I told you about recently, has been selected to be shown in Analog Forever Magazine's online group exhibition 'Fleeting Moments: Temporality and the Still Life'. 


Photograph of a broken blue coffee cup on a saucer on a carpeted stair, taken from above. My favourite weekday coffee cupMy favourite weekday coffee cup by Jayne Lloyd.


I really identified with the brief, set by fine art photographer and Analog Forever Magazine writer and curator Niniane Kelley, as it echoed a lot of my thoughts around our relationships with objects. "Though the image is a moment of perfect beauty we know that the flowers will fade, the fruit will rot, the hourglass will run out of sand; what is depicted is not the objects themselves, but the passage of time and our knowledge of its ephemeral nature." - Niniane Kelley


I'd photographed this cup as I used it in my everyday life because I acknowledged it, and my daily rituals, had meaning to me, but I'd also been drawn to photograph it when could no longer perform its purpose. It's a very literal depiction but it seemed fitting. You can read more about the photograph itself here.


The exhibition is now live, so please do have a good browse through. I have very much enjoyed seeing how everyone interpreted the brief, the creativity and the wide range of techniques that have been used. I'm really pleased to be part of the show, and it's definitely inspired me to keep making these images and to try new things, too.


Online Group Exhibition - "Fleeting Moments: Temporality and the Still Life" July 2021, Analog Forever Magazine:



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