Another Tearsheet Update

July 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

As people say, 'I was today years old when...' I learnt that 2 July is the halfway point in the year. I've just never thought about it before, but everyone seems to be remarking on it online today (2 July 2021). 

So it seems appropriate that I've given my tearsheet page a bit of an update this week, at the mid-point of the year.  


Screenshot of the tearsheet page on my website, showing Firstsite in the Sunday Times Culture and iNewspaper, Charles Dickens Museum website, Museum and Heritage Advisor website, Goldsmiths' Stories, Contemporary Applied Arts website and Firstsite website.TearsheetPage-June21

I work with many arts organisations - museums, galleries and businesses - to create images that they can for publicity, promotion and reporting, for example if they've received a grant for a particular project and need images to show the project in action. The shoot days are always filled with lots of variety and creative challenges, and I always come away feeling artistically inspired, too.

Photograph of a page of the Sunday Times Culture magazine showing a feature on Michael Landy's 'Welcome to Essex' exhibition at Firstsite.Firstsite in Sunday Times CultureFirstsite in Sunday Times Culture My tearsheet page includes a few examples of how these organisations use these images, online or in print, when I find them. Some are for press and promotion, like the images of Michael Landy's Welcome to Essex exhibition at Firstsite, which received a lot of press including the Sunday Times Culture magazine and the i newspaper. Some images are for social media, illustrating newsletters or part of the visual identity of a website, illustrating feature articles like the Goldsmiths' Stories, or to show people what they can expect when the visit, like the Charles Dickens Museum.


Charles Dickens Museum websiteCharles Dickens Museum websiteCharles Dickens Museum website

The Goldsmiths' Company, Goldsmiths' StoriesThe Goldsmiths' Company, Goldsmiths' StoriesThe Goldsmiths' Company, Goldsmiths' Stories

Firstsite, Arts and Heritage AdvisorFirstsite, Arts and Heritage AdvisorFirstsite, Arts and Heritage Advisor

Hopefully there will be plenty more updates to come! It's great to share the work I and my lovely clients are doing and also hopefully provides a bit of inspiration on how you can use photographs for your own promotion, too. 


Hi, I'm Jayne Lloyd, a professional photographer based in Essex. I offer a range of photographic services including editorial photography, exhibition installation images, architectural, interior and object photography and discreet documentary/reportage photography.

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