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If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have slightly bizarre little collections of things I notice while I'm out and about. Since University the recurring theme in my personal work has been documenting the traces that people leave behind and I like thinking about the stories behind them - why do I keep finding puzzle pieces on pavements? Why do people decide to wipe dirt from their hands on to a wall, where it will stay for pretty much ever?

jayne_170711_2838jayne_170711_2838   jayne_170711_2839jayne_170711_2839

My main collection at the moment, though is empty noticeboards/advertising boards. My favourites are those that appear to have been abandoned for quite some time, but when I'm just walking past somewhere it's not always easy to tell if they've been given up or are just in-between notices. 


I think it's fair to assume this is more than just 'in-between' notices.

Were their locations once hubs of activities but aren't so much anymore? Are physical notices needed less now that people have digital advertising methods?


Let's not over-think it too much though - I just like them! Frames are pleasing to photograph. I should probably add that I don't go hunting for them either - these are things I see when I'm going about my day and photograph on my phone. Yes, I'll cross a road or nip round a corner if I spot one, but I'm not trawling the streets or making special trips to find them.

These are probably the photos that started the collection:

jayne_170710_2825jayne_170710_2825   jayne_170710_2824jayne_170710_2824

All those staples and bits of tape - I can't help but wonder what they used to hold, who read them and what it lead them to!


So for the Shutter Hub OPEN this year I decided to enter a couple from the series, and was delighted that the noticeboard from Trinity Street, Colchester was selected for inclusion. The show runs from 2-30 July at The Dark Room, Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh as part of Retina Scottish International Photography Festival, but if you can't make it to Edinburgh you can see all the photos from the show here and vote for your favourite. 


The print before it went up to Scotland


What are your thoughts? Do you have any collections/themes you keep returning to? I'd love to hear about them.



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