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Recently I found myself with a very quiet Sunday morning - on the Saturday evening I though it would be nice to do something with it, so I had a look for somewhere not too far away that I hadn't visited before. I found this 'Woodland and River Ramble', packed my camera and got a relatively early train to Wrabness.

WrabnessWrabnessWoodland and River Stroll and Stour Wood Stroll

I decided that I'd just photograph whatever caught my eye on the walk, do an edit and make a little book of the photos. I'm really interested in zines and thought this might be a good little project to get me actually making something. 

WrabnessWrabnessWoodland and River Stroll and Stour Wood Stroll

The walk was really lovely, as is the village. It was a warm day but not too hot, and the walk had a lovely mix of a slightly coastal feel, fields and woodlands - about two and a half hours all together, with all my stopping for photos.

WrabnessWrabnessWoodland and River Stroll and Stour Wood Stroll

I stuck with a 50mm lens and I decided I wouldn't crop beyond straightening the odd shot (I'm very fussy about that). I wanted to be a bit constrained to make me think about things more.

WrabnessWrabnessWoodland and River Stroll and Stour Wood Stroll

WrabnessWrabnessWoodland and River Stroll and Stour Wood Stroll

There is a really great community shop next to the station with an excellent range of products and I was very grateful for the cool drink and Tunnock's Teacake I treated myself to while waiting for my train back to Colchester.


There's almost definitely a better way to do this but it worked for me

When I got back I edited the images down. I decided to keep them in the order I shot them and was really interested to see how some of the pairs echoed each other - the triangle of a rope swing and the triangle of a path through the woods, red and white tape in a field, red and white flower by the hedge. 




In the next couple of days I spent a bit of time making a very small book - A7, I suppose. The whole project probably took about a day, altogether. It's just printed on my printer, cut and stitched by me, so it's pretty rough round the edges and doesn't line up properly at the ends, but I'm pretty pleased with it on the whole and it's definitely encouraged me to do more mini-projects and make more zines/photobooks.







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