Jayne Lloyd | Notes on last week – 24 May 2016

Notes on last week – 24 May 2016

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Lots more culture last week! It was Photo London so myself and my friend (& wonderful food photographer) Louise Hagger went to check it out. I Instagrammed and Tweeted a few of my favourites but I've written a little more below about the work that really caught my eye. Friday was the Business Woman's Network's May event at Playgolf Colchester, where the IT Fairy Clare Lauwerys gave a presentation with excellent tips on how to be found and make money online. I had another weekend off (yay!) so I did a bit of baking, pottering around the house and messing about in my sketchbook. I've got into a habit recently of ripping/cutting up exhibition flyers and making something new with them. Not sure why but it's quite relaxing and I've got a record of where I've been in my sketchbook rather than a pile of flyers in a box.

My picks from Photo London:

Photo London is REALLY BIG so it's really easy to get to image saturation point. There's a real mix of work on show but my favourites were:

Francesco Pergolesi's Heroes: 2013-2016 at Edel Man Gallery. These prints were backlit with LEDs so they glowed - I loved them at this size as they really drew you in to look closely.


William Eggleston at Rose Gallery. I love Eggleston's work so it was great to see some lovely big prints on display - loved the colours in this one: jayne_160523_2-2jayne_160523_2-2 Alex Webb: Selections at Leica

jayne_160523_2-3jayne_160523_2-3 Jacques Henri Lartigue at Gallery Fifty One  - loved the colours and feel of these images. jayne_160523_2613jayne_160523_2613 Anja Niemi's Short Stories at Little Black. I do love a good polaroid, but I was really intrigued by these images too. I loved how they were presented, the use of colour, and would like to know more about the story behind them.

jayne_160523_2-4jayne_160523_2-4 Michael Wolf (left) and Nadav Kander (right) at Flowers. Green and pink were the colours of the day for Louise and I, but I was really intrigued by these images too. Kander's image was really calming too, as well as mysterious.

jayne_160523_2-5jayne_160523_2-5 Antony Cairns at Roman Road. These I was more interested in because of the process. They were created using Kindles, which I was really interested in. I love seeing new ways of doing things and how people experiment.

jayne_160523_2-6jayne_160523_2-6 My absolute favourite though was "For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness" by Julian Germain at In Camera gallery. The steaming dinner plate pulled me in from across the room - I loved the colours, the composition, and it reminded me of my Grandad's housejayne_160519_2-13jayne_160519_2-13

What have you been up to? Did you go to Photo London? What did you think?


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