Incongruous. amasszine02

Amass: to accumulate or collect. 
These are things that catch my eye when I'm going about my day. 

Incongruous: out of keeping or place.
I’ve always been interested in lost objects that I pass in the street - how did they get there? Is someone looking for them? Recently I started to notice that gutters seem to accumulate a particularly curious selection of lost items - not just litter, but things that intrigue or confuse, pleasingly framed within the lines. A new collection began.

Amass zine 02 is available to purchase from Etsy. You can buy issue 01, Obsolete, on Etsy now.


Jayne Lloyd is a professional photographer specialising in working with creatives and has worked on commissions with the Geffrye Museum, Wallace Collection, Contemporary Applied Arts gallery and The English Garden magazine. She has a background in picture libraries, specialising in museums.

Smashed mugSmashed mugFrom the series 'Incongruous', Amass Zine 02 jayne_180712_0858jayne_180712_0858 jayne_180621_0372jayne_180621_0372From the series 'Incongruous', Amass Zine 02 jayne_180217_7559jayne_180217_7559 jayne_180221_7808jayne_180221_7808 jayne_170926_4740jayne_170926_4740 PuzzlePuzzleFrom the series 'Incongruous', Amass Zine 02