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My Grandad designed his house - a bungalow by the sea, designed perfectly for a family from toddlers to retirement.

A firm believer in 'make do and mend', very little changed in the 30 years I knew it – the same furnishings, my Dad and Aunt’s toys, the ornaments we’d use to hide Mini Eggs at Easter. We grew up, made our own homes but that house, the rituals that came with it and almost us too, when we were there, somehow remained almost frozen in time.

Over the years I took many photographs of all the little details that I knew so well. Little pieces of our family history and the curious devices Grandad constructed to make things easier.

When Grandad died, as well as the grief of losing him I felt a great sadness that the special place by the sea would be gone, and I needed to document it. I photographed each room, evidence of a time so different from today, and found it calming at a time of sorrow.

The house is sold and stripped, but I feel comfort that I can still see how it used to be.