Corporate photography: ICEX Ltd. Technology Repurposing - promotional photography

March 19, 2018
A little while ago I was contacted by ICEX Ltd., a technology repurposing company. They specialise in taking old computers and technology from companies and securely disp...
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Notes on February

March 01, 2018
February was a definite 'where did that go?' month... Commissioned Photography Quite a lot of my commissions this month were shoots that I can't really share here just...
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Notes on January

February 06, 2018
Well 2018 was off to a running start-I’ve got that weird combination of ‘can’t believe January is over already’ and ‘wow, January was a looong month'! Commissioned Pho...
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Notes at the beginning of the year

January 07, 2018
Happy New Year! I hope that you had a lovely Christmas break! I thought I'd just write a little blog as it's been a little while and let's face it, it's a New Year tradi...
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The Garden Media Guild Awards 2017 at The Savoy Hotel, London

December 04, 2017
Last month I was commissioned to photograph the Garden Media Guild (GMG)’s annual award ceremony, which was held in the incredible Savoy Hotel on The Strand in London. Th...
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